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    Meet Our Cardiac Electrophysiologists

    It’s important to have a comprehensive evaluation from a board certified cardiac electrophysiologist (EP).
    An EP is a subspecialist in cardiology who has completed extra training in diagnosing and treating heart rhythm disturbances. Your EP will enable you to understand all your options, particularly as more treatments are now available.

    Baptist Health Systems

    Chris Ruisi, MD

    Cardiac Electrophysiologist

    “Every patient is unique and, to that end, I strive to provide you with a thoughtful treatment strategy that can provide a dramatic improvement in your quality of life.”

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    Dr. Lee

    Scott Lee, MD

    Director of Electrophysiology

    “I am committed to taking the time needed to help you fully understand your medical condition and be able to offer you the most advanced treatment options available.”

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    Venkata Sagi

    Venkata Sagi, MD

    Cardiac Electrophysiologist

    “I derive professional satisfaction when I know I did my best to help you achieve a better quality of life. Being part of your healing process is my ultimate achievement.”

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    Why Baptist Health?

    Baptist Health offers the most advanced and comprehensive EP program in the region.


    • Complete diagnostic testing, including tilt-table testing and EP studies
    • Experienced EP physicians who diagnose and treat all heart rhythm disorders with a full spectrum of electrophysiology services
    • Latest 3-D electrical mapping systems for greater precision in eradicating arrhythmias
    • The most advanced pacemakers, defibrillators, and biventricular device implants

    • Comprehensive treatment options for simple and complex Atrial fibrillation, with a full array of catheter ablations
    • Ongoing cardiology care through multiple convenient locations across the region
    • Your medical problems will be addressed by a coordinated team of cardiac specialists to make sure that all facets of your health are addressed, with communication back to your primary care physician


    • Only health system in the region to offer Thermocool SmartTouch® Catheter Ablation for improved safety and outcomes, as well as Cryoballoon Catheter Ablation therapy
    • Only dedicated Heart Hospital in the region, featuring a state-of-the-art EP Lab
    • One of the first five centers in the U.S. to use the minimally invasive intracardiac ultrasound catheter for high quality images inside the heart

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